Our motto is simple: Help... Inform… INSPIRE!

420EDx is an organization that helps medical-marijuana patients and consumers by empowering them with information, delivered by our educators at unique and inspiring events we call “cannabis education experiences.”

What is a “cannabis educational experience?”

The 420EDx motto, Help, Inform, Inspire, is achieved through our Cannabis Education Experiences.

During these informative networking events, attendees receive the information they need to make informed decisions about medical marijuana, as well as learn about its vast diversity of uses and applications. Empowering information is provided and used to discuss how medical marijuana can assist the general public, as well as display its vast diversity of uses and applications.

What makes 420EDx unique is it provides professionals a chance to connect through networking events, and further grow the educational and professional cannabis industry in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 

Why 420EDx?

It is very important to realize that medical marijuana is an entirely new field for many people. A potential negative ripple effect is that some patients leave behind physician guidance as they start down a path of hyper-personalized medicine. Some can feel overwhelmed and confused by the new terminology, dosing, administration, and potential drug interactions. Many people, whether they are patients or learning for a loved one, can feel intimidated by the prospect of exploring this new medicine alone.

Through our unique cannabis-education experiences, 420EDx introduces medical-marijuana knowledge in a judgment-free, stigma-free setting. A Q&A table allows prospective patients to ask questions and be guided to the appropriate resources for their personal journey. To make each individual feel comfortable while maintaining their privacy, we encourage conversation by color-coding our guests based on levels of experience with medical marijuana so novices can pair with the identified experts. These innovative and unique methods broach a sensitive subject and help bring canna-curious individuals to the table.





Rebecca Uhl serves as a bridge between traditional health care and functional medicine for patients and medical professionals across the U.S.

Rebecca discovered medical marijuana when she was 21, after multiple surgeries to correct a pectus excavatum, a birth defect also known as a sunken chest. The surgery, done at the Mayo Clinic-Arizona, required the insertion of two stainless steel bars underneath her rib cage to correct the defect, and the bars needed to remain implanted for three years. Through no fault of her surgeon, Rebecca’s body responded poorly to the new hardware. The socially and physically active college student soon found herself in a seemingly never ending battle with chronic pain. For nine months after her surgery, Rebecca drifted between incapacitating pain and an opiate-induced fog. Her grades plummeted, her active social life suffered, and she was forced to stop her favorite activities: dancing, rock climbing, and longboarding. Multiple opiates, nerve membrane stabilizers, and muscle relaxers did nothing to control her pain. Numerous specialists were unable to  find answers and simply prescribed even more medication to try to make life more comfortable while the bars stayed in place.

After a suggestion from a Mayo Clinic professional, Rebecca reluctantly tried medical cannabis. The results were instantaneous. Within weeks, she weaned off all pharmaceuticals, and although she experienced horrible opiate withdrawal, cannabis abated those symptoms.

With her pain now manageable, Rebecca was finally able to dance without fear of pain. She returned to rock climbing and longboarding.

Shortly after graduation, Rebecca moved back to Philadelphia. Her life-changing experience inspired her to dedicate her life to educating Pennsylvanians, New Jerseyans, and patients around the U.S. about the benefits of medical marijuana. She was the educational coordinator consultant for the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia and helped facilitate the instruction of physicians for the Department of Health’s four-hour required course. During this time Rebecca founded 420EDx with Will Edelstein. After finishing her contract with the university, she was hired by Ilera Healthcare, a vertically integrated grower/processor/dispensary as its Director of Marketing and Communications, where she ran several successful campaigns, generated content, and increased the visibility of the company. Rebecca resigned in October of 2018 to run 420EDx.


Director of Education

Kimmy Bailey is a health-care and retail industry professional who currently serves as a Product Specialist with TerraVida Holistic Centers, where she guides those in need of relief toward a holistic alternative.

From a young age, Kimmy has been well-acquainted with the relief that medical cannabis brings to those with debilitating and life-altering illnesses. As an emergency medical services (EMS) professional who has worked in zero-tolerance states, she has witnessed firsthand how cannabis prohibition affects many lives.